Exhibition: Australian Art at the Royal Academy

21 September – 08 December 2013

Organised with the National Gallery of Australia

“Marking the first major survey of Australian art in the UK for 50 years, this exhibition spans more than 200 years from 1800 to the present day and seeks to uncover the fascinating social and cultural evolution of a nation through its art.”

“Two hundred works including painting, drawing, photography, watercolours and multimedia shed light on a period of rapid and intense change; from the impact of colonisation on an indigenous people, to the pioneering nation building of the 19th century through to the enterprising urbanisation of the last 100 years.”  the Royal Academy

The exhibition argues that the story of Australia is inextricably linked to its landscape and that this deep connection has provided a rich seam of inspiration for Australian artists for centuries. This is a fascinating, if controversial show that seeks to represent a wide range of Australian art. Some have argued that it is too ambitious, and presents just one ‘history’ of Australian art.

For more details please go to the Royal Academy’s website

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