Study days at Tate Modern

The Open Arts Archive contains a wealth of video footage from study days organised jointly by The Open University and Tate Modern. The study days date back to 2002 with the latest on Lictenstein and the wider worlds of British pop this March.

Content from the study days can be browsed on the Open Arts Archive website by choosing Tate Study Days from the archive.

Alternatively for ease of access, the study days are listed below.

22 June 2002: Matisse Picasso, Creating and Destroying Histories

5 October 2002: Abstraction and Interpretation

27 March 2004: Expanding concepts of sculpture

26 June 2004: Concepts of the Avant-Garde

12 March 2005: Contemporary Art and Globalisation

25 June 2005: Performance, Gender and Identity

25 March 2006: Utopias and Avant-gardes

24 June 2006: Museums and Art History

17 March 2007: Identity and Performativity

16 June 2007: Surrealism and Film

8 March 2008: Against the Avant-garde

5 July 2008: Photography in the street and the studio

28 March 2009: Constructivism and the Art of Everyday Life

27 June 2009: Futurism and the Avant-garde

27 March 2010: Abstraction

20 November 2010: Gauguin and myths of the artist

20 July 2011: Joan Miró

16 March 2013: Lichtenstein and the Wider Worlds of British Pop

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