New Research Data Management guidance for projects

I’d like to tell you about 2 new guidance documents which have recently been published on the RDM intranet site: 5 essential steps for your new project and  the end of project checklist. These documents contain advice for researchers at different stages of the research lifecycle.

You may already have received one of these documents as an email – as part of the RDM service we will be sending information to researchers when they are awarded funding, or when their project end date is drawing near.

Just starting out? Check out 5 essential steps for your new project (internal link only).

Start Line by Andi Sidwell

As mentioned in a previous blog post, considering research data management from the very beginning of your project will save you time and stress later on. To help you to understand what you need to consider at this stage, this guidance document covers policy, data management planning, the new research data catalogue (more in another blog post, coming soon) and where to get more advice.

Project coming to an end? Try the End of project checklist (internal link only)

At the end of your project you will need to make a number of decisions concerning the
future of your research data – what should you keep and what should you dispose of? Will you make your data publicly available? How will you assure the long-term preservation of your data? This document provides links to information which will help you to make all these decisions and more.

If you are unable to access the intranet site but would like a copy of either of these documents, please email


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