It may be that I am a late starter at work on this important day for higher education, so here is a selection of tweets from those who started reading the Browne review report earlier (or perhaps just faster) than me:

Susan_nash @politicshomeuk: NUS president @AaronPorter says he doesn’t know “what planet Lord Browne is living on” on student debt

PromMusic @MPDavidMorris Re Lord Browne Review: If Uni’s charge up to £12K a year, Uni’s for the ‘privileged’ few again! A bad day for the UK’s youth!

Wotanson RT @framingthedot: looks like skilled working class families are going to be hammered by #browne

Sebdance RT @jonathanbriggs: Free markets take years to settle down. Cuts not best time to restructure university funding 🙁 #browne

MarioCreatura Bet @OpenUniversity and @Birkbecknews are happy about the good news for PT students #Browne

Lbpreston Absolutely disgusted by what #Browne review has said, still no proof that raising fees initially has improved standards! #fail4students

Ivotedtory RT @davidschneider: Lord Browne forced to resit. What he wrote just isn’t good enough.

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