I would have loved to have written tonight from a Berlin hotel room about the conference I should at this moment be attending to listen to the large number of international speakers at ‘Tagung “Anders messen. Diversity Monitoring für Hochschulen” – conference “Alternative forms of Measuring: Diversity Monitoring at Higher Education Institutions”‘ in Berlin.

Although personal matters and a deep overnight freeze last night intervened from that particular Germanic screed, I hope this missive will suffice. And I was quite looking forward to a simultaneous translated presentation, I think, on some sadomasochistic level.

The OU’s presence at the conference would have been in the form of a short paper called The Ruler or the Ruled: Exploring meaningful measures of student diversity. For posterity, here’s a link to the paper:


I was intending to explore with the conference delegation whether there could be observed a shift in the focus of student diversity monitoring, in terms of widening participation in the HE student body, from high level statistical measures of, for example, ethnicity or social deprivation, to a set of student focused and student led outcomes measures.

Oh! I just realised I should have called the paper From Income to Outcome, ah well.

Anyway for posterity, as I’ve said, here’s the paper and I hope to see my German colleagues very soon.

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