New Opportunities for the New Environment

…Today’s thinking – Tomorrow’s actions

Whilst changes in policy and funding have been signalled by the new coalition Government, nonetheless, the challenges of workforce development and employability remain a high priority. The falling demographic poses a key challenge to the higher education system in coming years. The decline in numbers of 18 to 24 year olds over the next decade indicates a potential growth market in older age groups.

Institutions will have to fi nd alternative ways to meet industry skills requirements and the demands, from people of all ages to study on a fl exible basis. This conference celebrates the work of the Lancashire
Lifelong Learning Network, its local and regional partners and other Lifelong Learning Networks throughout the UK.

Conference themes will explore how Lifelong Learning Networks have, and continue to support, new ways to overcome the current challenges facing both educational providers and employers.

A series of keynote speakers will set the conference scene dealing with Policy and Funding strategies, Business and Industrial Enterprise and the development of Vocational Higher Education.

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