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Workplace Support | Vocational Qualifications

This section explains how sponsors and line managers can support learners undertaking a vocational qualification.

For some qualifications where there is a group of learners in the same work location, it may be possible for us to allocate the whole group to the same assessor, organise a group induction session and/or arrange some work based workshops.

You will be required to show your support in some quite specific ways, for example, you may be asked to provide testimony of the learner’s work practice and you will need to allow your team member the time to complete the qualification.  You will also need to allow an assessor to visit the learner in the work place to observe their practice.

Time in the work place is probably the most important resource the learner is going to need to complete their qualification successfully.  This could be planned into the learner’s schedule as a fixed amount of time each week.