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Trends in Learning 2020

Trends in Learning report 2020

Workplace learning is constantly evolving. That is why every year we track what’s new and what’s changing, identifying what we think are the most important and interesting developments. We share those developments with the business community in our annual workplace learning reports, which we have been producing since 2012. In this year’s report, Trends in Learning 2020, we have identified four key trends that we think are shaping the future of learning. They are: AI in education/learning, learning through open data, engaging with data ethics and learning from animations.

By researching and analysing these trends and sharing our findings in our reports, we enable businesses to keep abreast of how learning is changing as the change is happening. This helps organisations to ensure their learning provision is current, relevant and effective, leading to the best possible outcomes. Organisations can and do use our research and analysis to inform their learning strategy going forward.

The benefits to organisations are manifold, as Viren Patel, Commercial Director at The Open University, explains: “By keeping up to date with learning trends, organisations will reap the rewards of improved productivity and performance, skills and engagement and recruitment and retention. It will also future-proof organisations so that they continue to thrive with the right skills, attitudes and learning cultures.”

The Open University has always pioneered innovative learning, ever since our inception in 1969. We continue to do that and want to help others do the same, which is why we conduct our in depth research into how organisations are innovating and why we share that research through our annual reports. In finding out how other organisations are innovating learning, what new ideas are being introduced and why, businesses are able to come up with new ideas and approaches themselves. Innovation leads to more innovation.

The Trends in Learning research originates from Innovating Pedagogy, another report by The Open University. Innovating Pedagogy looks at innovative, emerging teaching, learning and assessment in education. The OU’s work is at the forefront of global research. It comes from the OU’s Institute of Educational Technology, working in collaboration with researchers from Norway’s Centre for the Science of Learning & Technology.

Professor Agnes Kukulska-Hulme, who leads the future learning programme at The Open University, says the research and analysis is invaluable for business. “This is why we produce our Trends in Learning reports – to inform the B2B learning community about how learning is changing and why. The trends we highlight in our report are highly relevant to learning teams, helping you stay abreast of new developments.”

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