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CCIG members are drawn from a number of departments within The Open University and affiliated Research Centres.

Centre Director

Prof Elizabeth Silva (2016-current)


Research Stream Leaders

Methods in Motion
Prof Elizabeth Silva

Dr Paul-François Tremlett

Prof Paul Stenner

Full members

Emeritus Professors (full members)

Affiliate members 

  • Dr Rutvica Andrijasevic
  • Dr Iker Barbero
  • Dr Carol Brown-Leonardi (Moore)
  • Emeritus Prof John Brennan
  • Dr Theo Papaioannou

Student members 

  • Maddie Blackburn
  • Karin Christof
  • Jamila Hassan
  • Sarah Hartmann
  • Spyridon Logothetis
  • Raktim Ray
  • Christine Ruschak
  • Lisa Scott 

Visiting Fellows and Honorary Associates (Affiliate Members)

  • Dr Matthew Cole, 24 July 2014 - 23 July 2019 (sponsor Dr Simon Carter)

  • Dr Jane McCarthy 1 August 2015 -31 July 2020 (sponsor Prof Kevin Hetherington)


Former Directors

  • Professor Paul Du Gay (2003-2004)
    • Professor Du Gay is an expert in the History and Contemporary Relevance of 'Classic' Organization Theory; Bureaucracy and Public Service Ethics; the History and Contemporary Practices of 'Office' Holding; Identity and Personhood and their organizational constitution; and Public Administration as an institution of government.
  • Professor Wendy Hollway (2004-2006)
    • Professor Hollway has researched questions of identity, gender relations, parenting, the capacity to care, the history of psychology, along with qualitative methodology and epistemology. She uses psychoanalytic ontology and epistemology to inform research on the psychosocial.
  • Professor Engin Isin (2007-2010)
    • Professor Isin has published on the politics of citizenship. From Cities Without Citizens (1992) to Being Political (2002) he has focused on historically documenting how citizenship has been contested by its 'others'; those considered strangers, outsiders or aliens. His latest book Citizens Without Frontiers elaborates on the themes of his Inaugural Lecture.
  • Professor Jef Huysman (2010--2015)
    • Professor Huysman is best known for research on the politics of insecurity, the securitization of migration, and critical methods in security studies and International Relations. Currently he is working on security and democracy in times of surveillance, the political life of methods, and the political significance of little nothings. He is Co-Editor-in-Chief of the ISA journal International Political Sociology.


Administrative staff

Sarah Batt

Dissemination Manager

Yvonne Cook