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The Bisexuality Report

The Bisexuality Report, by Meg Barker and Rebecca Jones
The Bisexuality Report summarises national and international evidence and draws out recommendations for future bisexual inclusion in many different settings.

The Bisexuality Report, led by Meg Barker (Senior Lecturer in Psychology, OU), Rebecca Jones (Lecturer, Health & Social Care, OU), Christina Richards, Helen Bowes-Catton & Tracey Plowman (of BiUK) is the first of its kind in the UK.

Bisexual people are indeed often invisible in policy and practice despite evidence that they experience discrimination in education and in the workplace and are more at risk of mental health problems than lesbian, gay, or heterosexual people. Bisexual people are subject to a specific form of discrimination - Biphobia - because they do not fit a problematic gay/straight model of sexuality. 

This report is part of Meg Barker's research on the bisexual community, particularly in the UK. This research has led Meg to set up, with colleagues from inside and outside the OU, the biennial BiReCon event. BiReCon stands for both Bisexual Research Conference and also Bisexuality Reconnaissance (see
The report has been endorsed by: Stonewall UK, the Metro Centre, Pink Therapy, the Psychology of Sexualities section of the British Psychological Society, the College of Sexual and Relationships Therapists, the Lesbian and Gay Foundation, Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Bi Community News, and the Bisexual Index.
The report, available in english and spanish, can be downloaded below, as well as flyers.

Dr Meg Barker

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