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CCIG develops a a cross-disciplinary research focus on Methods in Motion.

Methods in Motion 34: Elizabeth Silva - Research modes, moves, methods

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27 October 2017

Professor Elizabeth Silva rounds off the Methods in Motion blog series with reflections on how her own life experience has informed her ways of knowing, and the contribution made by this series of blogposts to advancing 'how we know'.

Methods in Motion 33: Marie Gillespie - Mobile Methods

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20 October 2017

The ubiquity of smartphones has made them a vital resource for today’s refugees – and a game-changer for researchers.

To Gain Legitimacy, Metro-Mayors Must Improve Turnout and Diversity

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15 May 2017

New metro-mayors must now deliver on their policy commitments and secure the ‘democratic moment’ that advocates of devolution promised.


Metro-Mayor Elections: A New Type of Second-Order Election?

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8 May 2017

Did voters see the elections as 'second-order'? CCIG's Georgina Blakeley and Huddersfield's Brendan Evans find out.

Metro-Mayors: Campaigning in Poetry, Governing in Prose?

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4 May 2017

With the elections under way, Georgina Blakeley and Brendan Evans take a look at the hard task of defining the roles of the new metro-mayors.


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