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Blog archive for 2010

From Common Sense to Good Sense

In the December issue of Prospect magazine Professor David Coleman, a demographer at Oxford University, makes a number of population projections based on migration and fertility trends. The main point of his article 'When Britain becomes "majority minority"' is about the changed ethnic composition of British population when the population may reach 77 million by 2051.

Big Cuts, Big Society

Here we invite CCIG members and others to reflect on and intervene in the politics of the present. Right now, we are concerned with the politics of the 'Big Cuts, Big Society' agenda.

Who is choosing choice?

Everywhere these days the mantra of ‘choice’ rings in our ears. No politician can speak about education or health without choice being a key part of the message.

Can we ever learn to love social workers?

Lord Laming's review of children's services in England, announced on 12th March 2009, concluded that child protection issues in England had not had ‘the priority they deserved’ and that many of the reforms brought in after Victoria Climbie's death in 2000 had not been properly implemented. Laming referred to Social Work as a ‘Cinderella service’.

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