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Book Review: Public Services: A New Reform Agenda, by Janet Newman

This entry was first posted on the LSE Impact Blog, the 1st of December 2013.

Book under review: Public Services: A New Reform Agenda. Henry Kippin, Simon Griffiths and Gerry Stoker (eds.). Bloomsbury. July 2013.

'Feed the monkey' gaffe shows a British media stuck in a rut

This entry was first posted on OU Society Matters (November 14, 2013)


Is it racist to use the word ‘monkey’ in a sentence referring to a black man? That is the question the England football manager Roy Hodgson might have asked himself last month when he told his players at half-time to get the ball out to the England winger Andros Townsend during the world cup qualifier against Poland in October.

Facing the Facts

This Blog entry was first posted in Vron Ware personal blog, on November 18, 2013

The end of an era?, by Vron Ware

This entry was first posted on Vron's blog on the 2d of October.

Liminality and Traces of Affectivity in the Work of Arnold van Gennep, by Bjørn Thomassen

by Bjørn Thomassen (Roskilde University)

Linking liminality with affectivity does not mean to propose new and alternative interpretations of what liminality is or could be, taking it to territories distant from its place of origin, quite the contrary: it means to move the concept back to its rightful place in intellectual history, back to the centre of human emotions trembling at the threshold. This can best be indicated by tracing how affectivity was a theme in Arnold van Gennep’s (AvG) life-work, even if it was not a word he used.

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