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Blog archive for 2017

Methods in Motion 34: Elizabeth Silva - Research modes, moves, methods

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27 October 2017

Professor Elizabeth Silva rounds off the Methods in Motion blog series with reflections on how her own life experience has informed her ways of knowing, and the contribution made by this series of blogposts to advancing 'how we know'.

Methods in Motion 33: Marie Gillespie - Mobile Methods

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20 October 2017

The ubiquity of smartphones has made them a vital resource for today’s refugees – and a game-changer for researchers.

Methods in Motion 32: Sara de Jong - Inside Outsiders and Outside Insiders

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13 October 2017

Insider or outsider? It’s not that simple, researcher Sara de Jong learns when interviewing front-line staff of migrant support organisations.

Methods in Motion 31: Stephanie Taylor - Acknowledging the active participant

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6 October 2017

People taking part in research are now called 'participants' rather than 'subjects', but are researchers paying sufficient attention to the active nature of participation?

Methods in Motion 30: Edward Wastnidge - Challenging the narrative

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29 September 2017

Academics have a duty to challenge the biased narratives driving Western policy in the Middle East, argues Lecturer in Politics and International Studies Edward Wastnidge.

Methods in Motion 28: Georgina Blakeley – Research in a turbulent political environment

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15 September 2017

Metro-mayors: here today, gone tomorrow? Georgina Blakeley explains how a research strategy may be changed to take account of unforeseen events.



Methods in Motion 27: David Kaposi – Do We Really Need Methods?

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16 June 2017

Lecturer in Social Psychology Dr David Kaposi argues that the study of memory shouldn't fall under the aegis of either 'objectivity' or 'subjectivity'.

Methods in Motion 26: Lisa Lazard on Digital Motherhood

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9 June 2017

Dr Lisa Lazard, Lecturer in Psychology, explores the use of stimulus-based interviewing in examining mothers’ digital engagements with social media.

Methods in Motion 25: Tendayi Bloom - Terminology and Rethinking ‘Noncitizenship’

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2 June 2017

Refugee? Migrant? Asylum seeker? Lecturer in Politics & International Studies Tendayi Bloom explores how terminology affects our view of reality.

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