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Methods in Motion

Methods in Motion Blogpost 24: Jerome De Henau – Can We Afford Universal Childcare?

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26 May 2017

The case for universal public childcare is strong. But – in a question that resonates in many party manifestos – how do we know it’s affordable?

Methods in Motion Blogpost 23: Raktim Ray on Critical Ethnography

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19 May 2017

Negotiating positionality? PhD student Raktim Ray takes a closer look at the circulation of ethnography.

Methods in Motion blogpost 22: Eleni Andreouli on the Emergent Politics of Brexit

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12 May 2017

Lecturer in Psychology Dr Eleni Andreouli explores whether we're witnessing the emergence of a new political, ideological and cultural order.

Methods in Motion Blog 21: John Clarke on Emotion and Contemporary Politics

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5 May 2017

In a political climate seemingly awash with powerful emotions, Emeritus Professor John Clarke suggests we should take stock of what people do as well as feel.

Methods in Motion Blog 20: Wendy Hollway on the Motion of Emotion

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28 April 2017

Emeritus Professor Wendy Hollway looks at the motion of emotion in research, asking 'How do we know?'

Methods in Motion Blog 19: Paul Stenner on Social Constructionism

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21 April 2017

Has social constructionism outlived its usefulness? OU Professor of Social Psychology Paul Stenner considers the arguments.

Methods in Motion Blog 18: Sarah Crafter on Child Language Brokering

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31 March 2017

Dr Sarah Crafter, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, explores how child language brokers act as cultural mediators of identity and belonging.

Methods in Motion Blog 17: Ruth Evans on Emotionally Sensed Knowledge

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24 March 2017

A guest blogpost from Dr Ruth Evans shows how an approach of ‘uncomfortable reflexivity’ in cross-cultural research can help to reveal the work of emotions.

Methods in Motion Blog 16: Janet Newman on Finding a Voice after Brexit

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17 March 2017

In a world that appears increasingly hostile to expertise, Janet Newman suggests ways forward – and some new alliances.

Methods in Motion Blog 15: Geoff Andrews on Loyalties

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10 March 2017

Geoff Andrews argues that a multidisciplinary approach is key if we're to get to the heart of human vulnerabilities at moments of competing loyalties.

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