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CCIG Forum 35 - What are the key methodological challenges for critical social science?

Wednesday, 3 December 2014, 10:30 - 16:15

The Open University, Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA (Michael Young Building, Rooms 3 & 4)

This forum will be dedicated to the development of CCIG Methodology Profile


Session 1 (open to all) - 10h30-12h30: What are the key methodological challenges for critical social science today?

The themes that will be explored are:

  • Transdisciplinarity (presented by Paul Stenner, OU)
  • Social and Political Life of Methods (presented by Elizabeth Silva)
  • Visual methods (presented by Gillian Rose)
  • Performative Methods (presented by Umut Erel)
  • Method between participation and critique (presented by Kesi Mahendran)

The roundtable will be introduced and chaired by Jef Huysmans (CCIG Director)

Lunch Break: 12h30-13h15

Session 2 (CCIG members only) -- 13h15-14h00: Developping a CCIG method signature (1)

What would we teach at a Spring Graduate School if CCIG would be given 5 slots of 1 hour?

Session 3 (CCIG members only) – 14h45-16h15: Developing a CCIG method signature (2)

Groups of 4 people writing a 150 to 200 words statement articulating CCIG method signature (45 minutes):

  • To which key methodological challenges is CCIG responding?
  • What method signature translates CCIG mission into position in methodology debates?

Followed by general discussion (15 minutes) and Conclusion (15 minutes).


Please complete the registration fields on the link below. If you have any queries please email