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A UK referendum on Europe: could the public decide?

Kesi Mahendran's keynote & debate

This keynote was part of the CCIG Lecture series Being on the line: citizenship, identities and governance in times of crises. In this lecture series, leading CCIG researchers put social sciences on the line. It was held in London on May 20, 2015.

A UK referendum on Europe: could the public decide?

This lecture was given by Kesi Mahendran (Lecturer in Social Psychology and Director of the CCIG Enactments Programme).

The event provided a valuable opportunity to debate these questions and to explore social psychological research around how ‘we the public’ debate the big political questions of the day.  A panel engaged with issues relating to citizen rights, the European Union and political subjectivity debated the evidence and assessed whether the public could decide. The discussants for the lecture were:

  • Molly Andrews (University of East London – Professor of Political Psychology and author of the book ‘Shaping History – Narratives of Political Change’
  • Niccolo Milanese (Chair of European Alternatives)


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