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'Architectures of Affect: anticipating and manipulating the event in processes of videogame design and testing' talk by Dr James Ash

In this paper, given as part of CCIG Forum 11, Dr James Ash examines the process of designing and testing the multiplayer levels for a large commercially released videogame. In doing so the paper argues that videogame designers work to create the potential for positively affective encounters to occur—a complex and elusive outcome that is key to creating critically and commercially successful multiplayer videogames. By unpacking various examples from this process, the paper attends to debates regarding the distribution and transmission of media affects. Instead of acting to deterministically shape action, the talk suggests that processes of videogame design are predicated on producing contingency, albeit a contingency that designers attempt to manage and control. The talk will be of interest to those concerned with videogames, videogame design and debates surrounding affect and architecture.


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