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Podcasts in 2009

19 May 2009

This inaugural lecture by Professor Janet Newman explores the changing fortunes of the public domain. The boundaries between the public, private and personal have become increasingly contested and blurred. In the process, we have become less clear about what constitutes a public domain and how we should act in it. How should the public interest be expressed? What sorts of institutions are needed to sustain it? Is there - and can there be - a distinctive conception of ‘public service’?

19 May 2009

What does it mean to 'do theory', or to be a theorist? This inaugural lecture by Professor Michael Saward reflects on how real-world political examples, and unexpected sources of ideas, can inspire theories. The example of political representation - a topic receiving a great deal of attention in both the theory and practice of politics today - is used to illustrate the often messy process of building, and knocking down, political theories. In particular, the lecture explores the issue of who has the right to speak for us in political matters.

8 May 2009

Dr Giles Mohan, reader in the politics of International Development and CCIG member, gives a 90-second video lecture on China's involvement with Africa and why it may or may not be a good thing for the region. From ouView.


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