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Podcasts in 2011

19 December 2011

This report investigates the use of segmentation tools in various fields - environmental policy, political campaigning, arts and heritage sectors, charities and campaigning - in the context of various imperatives, including personalisation agendas, behaviour change paradigms, and public service reform agendas.

15 December 2011

This Keynote by Anna Leander was given during CCIG Forum 22 (21.06.2011)

Of Cookbooks and Unfinished Dictionaries: On the Promise and Problems of Using Bourdieu Methodologies for Studying Citizenship Act

16 November 2011

Keynote: Raluca Soreanu (UCL) 'Creativity, the Radical Imagination and the Problem of Action'

This keynote was given during CCIG 21th Forum, held on 26th May 2011.

16 November 2011

Politics of the Contemporary: Big Cuts, Big Society 'Third Sector Roundtable' featuring Pragna Patel (Director, Southall Black sisters), Mousa Baraka (Lead Organiser, Citizens:MK), Simon Burall (Director, INVOLVE) and more. Chaired by Janet Newman.

This round table was organised on the 26th April 2011, as part of the Publics Programme events.

12 January 2011

The audio recordings of two presentations given as part of the ongoing CCIG series on 'Big Cuts, Big Society: politics of the present' given at CCIG Forum 18  on 7 December 2010 are now available.

John Clarke (Co-Director of the Publics Research Programme, CCIG, The Open University) 'It's not fair: equity, justice and the Big Society' (Nb. this audio recording begins with introductory remarks by CCIG Director, Jef Huysmans)


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