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Podcasts in 2012

9 January 2012

As part of the CCIG Forum 24 on mixed raciality, held the 6th of December, Petra Nordqvist (Researcher, The Morgan Centre for the Study of Relationships and Personal Life and Sociology, University of Manchester) presented her research on 'Negotiating Non-genetic Kinship in the Context of Assisted Reproduction’.

6 January 2012

No event of significance in the world today - be it an unexpected election result, a terrorist attack, the death of a public figure, a meteorological anomaly, flu pandemic or phone hacking allegations – takes place without generating at least a flutter of conspiracy speculations. And that’s where the OU’s Dr Jovan Byford comes in…

Jovan’s a senior lecturer in Psychology at the Open University, specialising in the social and psychological aspects of conspiracy theories, anti-Semitism and Holocaust remembrance. He’s also studying the relationship between psychology and history.


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