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Podcasts in 2013

26 November 2013

Olaf Corry recently published Constructing a Global Polity: Theory, Discourse and Governance (Palgrave 2013), that argues that our current understanding of globalization makes it impossible to grasp some crucial changes in world politics.

26 November 2013

The fifth IPCC report concluded last September that global warming is “unequivocal” and that the 30 years until 2012 were probably the warmest in 1,400 years, driven by “unprecedented” levels of greenhouse gases. The fragile compromise reached at the UN Warsaw Climate Change Conference held this November illustrated once again that climate change remains a contentious and maybe intractable issue.

18 November 2013

This symposium was co-organised the 21st of June, 2013, by the London South Bank University and the Open University and convened by Dr Jane McCarthy (The Open University), Prof Val Gillies (London South Bank University) and Dr Carol-Ann Hooper (University of York).

It considered children’s family lives and ‘troubles’ through diverse lenses, across varied disciplines, cultural contexts, and practice settings, addressing such themes as:

6 November 2013

On October 8 (2013) the CCIG Postgraduate Research Group invited Prof Peter Taylor-Gooby (Professor of Social Policy, University of Kent) to adress the following: Why are we so bad at defending the Welfare State? John Clarke acted as discussant.

 This is the video of the event.

6 September 2013

Jef Huysmans, CCIG Director and Professor of Security Studies at the OU presents Citizenship and Security:The Constitution of Political Being, a book he co-edited with Xavier Guillaume (Routledge, 2013). 

4 September 2013

This podcast is an audio recording of a presentation Clifton Evers (University of Nottingham Ningbo China) made during a Bitz Project event in July 2013.

The presentation is entitled: 'A GoPro camera dérive of surfing "events": a creative enskilment of feelings, bodies, ecology and technology'.

The links to the two clips Clifton refers to in the talk are below:

Clip 1: Friction Free Finless

19 July 2013

CCIG Psychosocial and Families, Relationships and Communities Research Programmes organised the CCIG forum 31 dedicated to 'Fathers and fatherhood: policy, representation and experience', the 18th of June, 2013.

This Forum engaged with these different levels of policy, representation and experience by bringing together psychosocial, historical and sociological insights to questions of fathers, fatherhood and fathering.  Its theoretical focus was wide ranging with speakers addressing such issues as:

18 July 2013

Engin Isin gave a talk at the Annual International Workshop organised by the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (April 17-19, 2013).

Speakers also included Sara Ahmed and Judith Butler, and the event addressed the topic of ‘Dislocating Agency, Moving Object: Association, Demarcation, Transformation’.

This podcast is the audio recording of Engin’s talk entitled ‘The scandal of Rights’.

12 July 2013

Engin Isin gave a talk at Corvinus University of Budapest on the 27th of June, 2013. This podcast is an audio recording of his talk.

This conference contributed to the European Year of Citizens 2013 by stimulating debates about the promises and challenges of EU citizenship, notably in a Central and Eastern European context.

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