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Citizenship in the 'In-Between City' - Patricia Wood Seminar

14 December 2009

In this seminar, co-hosted by the Centre for Citizenship, Identities and Governance and the OpenSpace Research CentreDr Patricia Wood from the Department of Geography at York University in Toronto, Canada explores citizenship in the 'in-between city'.

Do all children really have the right to know their origins? - Professor Jane Fortin Seminar

22 October 2009

Professor Jane Fortin from The University of Sussex gives a talk around the legal histories of children’s rights in relation to knowing their origins, as part of CCIG Forum 5 (10 June 2009). She is introduced by Dr Jane McCarthy, Director of CCIG’s Families and Relationships Research Programme.

Citizen Interrupted – Helen Hamer Seminar

21 October 2009

Helen Hamer from The University of Auckland outlines her recent research on the relationships of citizenship and mental health as part of CCIG Forum 5 (10 June 2009). She is introduced by Professor Engin Isin, CCIG Director.

Autonomy-Relatedness Dynamics across Cultures - Professor Çiğdem Kağitçibaşi Seminar

21 October 2009

In this podcast from CCIG Forum 3 (7 April 2009) Professor Çiğdem Kağitçibaşi of Koç University, Istanbul, gives a seminar on autonomy and relatedness in different cultural contexts.

Family Meanings

21 October 2009

This audio recording is drawn from material for the Open University undergraduate course Family Meanings (D270), and will be of widespread interest to people teaching and researching in family studies and sociology. The audio discussion revolves around the pros and cons of different ways of conceptualising families and relationships. This connects to key themes in the course text book Family Meanings, by Jane Ribbens McCarthy, Megan Doolittle, Shelley Day Sclater with Debra Allnock and Sue Parker (Open University, 2008).


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