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Children's Family Troubles? Event videos

The Families, Relationships and Communities research programme symposium held in June 2013 now available on videos.

This symposium was co-organised the 21st of June, 2013, by the London South Bank University and the Open University and convened by Dr Jane McCarthy (The Open University), Prof Val Gillies (London South Bank University) and Dr Carol-Ann Hooper (University of York).

It considered children’s family lives and ‘troubles’ through diverse lenses, across varied disciplines, cultural contexts, and practice settings, addressing such themes as:

  • Changes, challenges and troubles as pervasive features of children’s family lives
  • Expectations of childhood and of parents and their material underpinnings
  • Cultural resources in the framing of troubles, and potential responses
  • Consideration of these issues in relation to the potential for ‘harm’ and in practice settings.


Speakers were: (Morning session - Clip 1)

Professor David Morgan (Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Morgan Centre, University of Manchester), Family troubles, troubling families and family practices

Professor Jo Boyden (Director of Young Lives, University of Oxford), Changing expectations of children and childhood in four developing countries: challenges for intergenerational relations

(Afternoon Session - Clip 2)

Dr Jonathan Dickens and Dr Georgia Philip (School of Social Work, University of East Anglia), Challenging meetings and talking about troubles: families and professionals in statutory meetings about children

Professor Ann Phoenix (Co-Director of the Thomas Coram Research Unit, Institute of Education, University of London) Situating children’s family troubles: Resources, relationality and social context

The symposium was followed by a Book launch dor the recencetly edited collection: Family troubles?

Please watch this podcast for a presentation of the book. 



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