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Citizenship Studies: An Agenda - Professor Engin Isin 2007 Public Lecture

Professor Engin Isin 2007 Public Lecture

Reflecting in part on the 10-year anniversary of the journal Citizenship Studies, in this public lecture Professor Engin Isin suggests that an agenda of research dialogue across the conceptual and empirical areas of citizenship, identities and governance might be fruitfully explored through a focus on rights and responsibilities.

At the time of the lecture (15 February 2007) Isin was newly arrived at the Open University as Professor of Citizenship and Director of the Centre for Citizenship, Identities and Governance (CCIG). The lecture took place on at the Berrill Lecture Theatre at The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK. A full-length version of this video is available at The Open University's Berrill Webcast website.


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