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'Citizenship without Community' Conference Media 10th May 2010

For those unable to attend the Citizenship without Community workshop held on May 10th 2010 all of the talks are now available to listen to in podcast format through the links below.


Engin Isin (Open University) 'Citizens without Nations'

Étienne Balibar (Irvine University) 'The "Impossible" Community of the Citizens: past and present problems'

Panel 1: Politics without community

Joe Painter (Durham University) The politics of the neighbour (AUDIO HERE)

Jonna Pettersson (Lund University)
Resisting sameness: political emancipation outside the community (AUDIO HERE)

Andrew Schaap (Exeter University), Paul Muldoon (Monash University) 
The Constituent Power of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy (Canberra, Australia) (AUDIO HERE)

Teresa Pullano (Science-Po and Italien Research Council)
A Postrevolutionary and Territorial European Citizenship (AUDIO HERE)

Panel 2: Mobile citizenship

Cindy Weber (Lancaster University)
Desert Designs: Design, Citizenship, and Political Acts of Citizenship With/Out Community (AUDIO HERE)

Rutvica Andrijasevic and Claudia Aradau (The Open University)
Unexpected citizens: sex work, mobility, Europe (AUDIO HERE)

Umut Erel (The Open University) Beyond home – migrant mothers’citizenship (AUDIO HERE)

Michael Janoshka (Spanish National Research Council)
Lifestyle migration and the practice of Citizenship. Conceptualizing the scales of political struggles in locations of leisure-oriented mobility

(Michael Janoshka was unable to attend)


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