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Clive Barnett & Nick Mahony present the NCCPE report

In their report on Segmenting Publics (2011), Clive Barnett and Nick Mahony reviews the use of market segmentation technologies and other segmentation practices for the purposes of public engagement.

This report investigates the use of segmentation tools in various fields - environmental policy, political campaigning, arts and heritage sectors, charities and campaigning - in the context of various imperatives, including personalisation agendas, behaviour change paradigms, and public service reform agendas. It places the proliferation of segmentation methods in the wider context of the changing dynamics of various ‘public’ issues, including the public health, development aid, environmental issues, and climate change, and in particular the increasing use of social marketing principles and the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technologies to address problems defined in terms of behaviour change.

The full report can be downloaded on the NCCPE website.


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