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Great Thinkers and Our Thinking

Videos now available

Postgraduate Seminar - Faculty of Social Sciences, The Open University

This event was organised on Friday, 15 May 2015 and was organised by Elizabeth B Silva (details here).

Great Thinkers and Our Thinking

This seminar addressed a selection of ‘great thinkers’ who have informed the work developed by some academics in the Faculty of Social Sciences at The Open University. The discussion aimed to show how the work of the selected thinkers provided researchers with material to think with, to think against and sometimes to think beyond.

Each of the videos can be watched from the OU podcast server here.



Roy Bhaskar - Jason Toynbee (Dept of Sociology)

Erving Goffman - Jacqueline Baxter (Dept of Social Policy/Criminology)

Pierre Bourdieu - Elizabeth Silva (Dept of Sociology)

Simone de Beauvoir - Meg Barker ((Dept of Psychology)

Cynthia Enloe - Jef Huysmans (Dept of Politics/International Studies)

Karen Barad - George Revill (Department of Geography)

Bruno Latour - Nick Bingham (Department of Geography)


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