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'The "Impossible" Community of the Citizens: past and present problems' Professor Étienne Balibar

This keynote lecture was given by Professor Étienne Balibar at the 'Citizenship without Community' event hosted by CCIG in collaboration with the BISA poststructural politics working group, held on the 10th of May 2010. 

 The lecture builds upon previous reflections on the antinomies of citizenship, which derive both from the tension between an “insurrectional” logic of equal liberty and a “constitutional” project of building a community of citizens, and more recently from the conflict between (national) social citizenship and neo-liberal forms of global governance. The lecture discusses problems of “representation” and “agency” linked to the idea of democratizing democracy itself. The lecture proposes a more specific determination to the idea of an unfinished, although contingent, history of citizenship in the modern world.


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