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Towards a caring economy - Celebrating Sue Himmelweit’s research

Videos from the keynote now available

For more than forty years, Sue Himmelweit has been researching the politics and economics of care and gender inequalities. She has tirelessly worked towards ‘making visible the hidden economy’ of women’s contributions to the national good. From refining Marxist and feminist theories to arguing for gender budgeting, from unpacking intra-household inequalities to examining trends in policy-making about care, her multidisciplinary research has opened many avenues for improving policy-making and achieving a more gender equal and caring world.

On the 27 of January, 2015, The Open University organised a whole day event to celebrate Sue's Research. 

Sue gave a keynote on “Care: in and beyond an era of austerity”. Discussants were Professor Diane Elson (University of Essex) and Baroness Ruth Lister (Loughborough University).

This lecture explored care, care policies and their justifications in an era of austerity, focusing on both child and adult care. It argued that an already existing crisis in care, arising from a failure to use the prosperity generated by changing gender roles to create a sustainable system of provision, has been intensified through the adoption of austerity and the imposition of market based policies. These changes have been intertwined with a shift in the terms in which arguments for public involvement in care are couched, with those based on human rights and equality being replaced by justifications in terms of investment. 



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