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Student Hub Live: Brexit Special

SHL Brexit Special image
17 May 2017

CCIG and other OU members set out to make sense of what Brexit means for the nations, for Europe - and for individuals.


Student Hub Live: Paul-François Tremlett Talks Religion & Politics

Student Hub Live Paul-François Tremlett image
17 February 2017

On day two of Student Hub Live, Paul-François Tremlett discusses ritual's role in reassembling democracy.


Student Hub Live: What Does Trump's Election Say About the US?

Student Hub live 01.02.17 image
17 February 2017

On day two of Student Hub Live, William Brown, Richard Heffernan and Eddie Wastnidge discuss what the election of Trump tells us about the US.


I-Spy: Internet Infidelity

Internet Infidelity trailer image
28 December 2016

Is it ever OK for someone in a relationship to flirt online? Our new five-part video drama looks for answers.

Human Rights and Sexual and Gender Identity

Human Rights and Sexual and Gender Identity video image
20 December 2016

What might need to change if we're to achieve a state in which equality and human rights exist for people of all genders and sexualities?

Key ideas in therapy

15 December 2015

What are they key factors to successful therapy? This series, produced by Meg Barker, Naomi Moller and Andreas Vossler (CCIG Intimate Relationships research programme) looks at three elements important to producing a positive outcome. Firstly, the therapist and client need to have a good relationship. Secondly, the therapist needs need to be able to give the client their full attention.

Methods on the move

15 December 2015

On November 12 & 13, 2015, the OU organised an advanced postgraduate research school on methods with leading academics in the field. Further details about the event here.

Unsettling relationships

29 June 2015

In June, 2015, Jacqui Gabb gave at talk at a the Queer Kinship and Relationships conference organised in Poland (Zalesie, Masuria, Poland, 8th-11th June 2015).

Mission Impossible - Project Podcast

23 June 2015
In this podcast, Georgina Blakeley explains why Francoist deputies voted overwhelmingly for the 1976 Law for Political Reform which brought about their own political demise.

Great Thinkers and Our Thinking

16 June 2015

Postgraduate Seminar - Faculty of Social Sciences, The Open University

This event was organised on Friday, 15 May 2015 and was organised by Elizabeth B Silva (details here).

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