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A UK referendum on Europe: could the public decide?

16 June 2015

This keynote was part of the CCIG Lecture series Being on the line: citizenship, identities and governance in times of crises. In this lecture series, leading CCIG researchers put social sciences on the line. It was held in London on May 20, 2015.

A UK referendum on Europe: could the public decide?

This lecture was given by Kesi Mahendran (Lecturer in Social Psychology and Director of the CCIG Enactments Programme).

Being Digital Citizens

16 June 2015

On May 12, 2015, the CCIG Digital Citizen Research programme organised an event with Engin Isin and Evelyn Rupert.

Towards a caring economy - Celebrating Sue Himmelweit’s research

13 February 2015

For more than forty years, Sue Himmelweit has been researching the politics and economics of care and gender inequalities. She has tirelessly worked towards ‘making visible the hidden economy’ of women’s contributions to the national good.

Methods on the line: videos now available

24 November 2014

This CCIG forum, organised on the 23d of October, 2014, was co-organised by the Enactments and the Psycho-Social research Programmes. It aimes at at exploring how transdisciplinarity works at the level of methods.

Speakers were:

Celia Lury (University of Warwick) -- The problem spaces of transdisciplinarity: questions of collaboration and critique

Johanna Motzkau (OU) -- Transdisciplinary matters: Reflections on researching practice as process

Martin Reynolds (OU) -- (Critical) systems thinking as praxis for transdisciplinarity

Embodied Relationality and Caring after Death

22 September 2014

In this podcast, Jane McCarthy and Raia Prokhovnik present their article Embodied Relationality and Caring after Death, published in Body & Society, Vol.20 (2), June 2014. 

Link to the article.

From institution to extitution? Videos of the event now available

4 September 2014

This CCIG forum, held in February 2014, explored how The Open University provides an ideal forum for discussing extitutions, and how CCIG is well placed to seriously pose questions concerning the extitutional shaping of the social sciences.

Videos of the event can be watched online here. 

Enacting Methods II: working with creative research methods

1 July 2014

This CCIG forum (co-developed and hosted by the Families, Relationships and Communities and Enactments Research Programmes), held the 30 of March, 2014 asked the following question: what is the relationship between acts, performance and social science methods?

The forum provided a valuable practical opportunity for researchers, interested in both using creative research to engage participants and also in developing methods which can dynamically work with people’s own, often political, actions.

CCIG Lecture series: Jef Huysmans on Security and Democracy

1 July 2014

This keynote was part of the CCIG Lecture series on 'Being on the line: citizenship, identities and governance in times of crises'.

This lecture was given by Prof Jef Huysmans (CCIG Director and Professor of Security Studies).

In this lecture Jef Huysmans revisited the relation between democracy and security against the background of recent revelation of global surveillance practices. He argued for embracing a democratic curiosity when evaluating contemporary security practice.

Skin Lightening in England

4 June 2014

Steve Garner is leading a one-year pilot project funded by the British Academy on Skin Lightening in England. This ground-breaking project is the first attempt to measure and understand use of these products in England.

As explained in the podcast, the project aims to survey around 300 women from Black and Minority Ethnic groups in London, Leicester and Birmingham about their use of skin lighteners.


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