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'Visualizing War: Politics Between Image and Text' Professor Roland Bleiker

In this keynote lecture, given as part of theĀ 'War & Visuality: conflict and the politics of perception' workshop co-organised by the securities programme of CCIG and CRESC, Professor Roland Bleiker from the University of Queensland outlines his ideas regarding visual methodology and the relationship between politics, war and visuality.

In Professor Bleiker's lecture own words: the purpose of this paper is to engage some of the scholarly challenges associated with understanding complex relationships between visuality and war. What methods do we use to read and interpret images and the often multiple messages they convey? How exactly do images, and the emotions they engender, shape individual viewers, groups and policy debates? How can we assess these influences in a way that provides us with reliable, perhaps even empirically measurable information? And how do we, in a more general sense, translate visual data into verbal expressions that can provide meaningful insight and form the base of scholarly discussions and policy deliberations.


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