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CCIG Members' Research Informs Award-Winning Documentary

Map sent by a refugee image
Map sent via Whatsapp by refugee interviewed in Paris
Documentary into plight of refugees – informed by CCIG members’ research – wins Best Documentary Series.


A documentary into the plight of refugees informed by CCIG members’ research won the Best Documentary Series at the recent Broadcast Awards.

Described in the New Statesman as 'one of the most remarkable and important pieces of documentary film-making I have ever seen', Exodus: Our Journey to Europe charted the journeys of people trying to reach the safety of Britain and other countries in Europe. Most of the three-part series was based on footage shot by 70 refugees who were given camera phones and asked to capture their experiences over a year as they travelled across 26 countries in inflatable dinghies, the backs of lorries, on open trucks and on foot.

Produced by KEO Films for BBC2, the series received input and support from three academic consultants. CCIG members Professor Marie Gillespie, Dr Victoria Canning and Dr Umut Erel shared their knowledge and expertise on the complex issues surrounding immigration.

As Professor Gillespie argues, current debates all too frequently give a distorted view of the refugee crisis: 'Most of the coverage we see puts refugees in the spotlight, challenging their motivations or questioning their right to protection in Europe. Rarely do we hear the voices of refugees themselves, voices which get drowned in the cacophony. This series opens our eyes wide, offering rare and moving insights into the human dimensions of the crisis.'

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