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Teatro Valle – Searching for a European Commons, a project led by Andrea Mura

Andrea Mura from the Oecumene Project is this week’s guest editor for openDemocracy, together with Dr Dario Gentili, a colleague form the University of Roma III.

The guest week, entitled Teatro Valle – Searching for a European Commons, accounts for the highly significant experience of Teatro Valle, the oldest theatre in Rome, which, following its occupation by a large group of citizens in 2011, has achieved international recognition for its attempt to elaborate new social, political and cultural practices around the idea of direct democracy and cultural commons.

The articles that will be published in the guest week from February 24th to March 2nd, offer a sense of what this experience has been over the last few years, and the kind of critical reflections that have accompanied Teatro Valle Occupato’s trajectory around the concept and practice of common goods.

This will be done presenting contributions by some of the researchers, activist and artistic groups that participated to a major event held at Teatro Valle in September 2013, which expressed the desire to enact new forms of dialogue and sharing based on the practice of the commons at a European level. The event, Spatial Struggle, resulted from the initiative of the Teatro Valle Occupato and the Oecumene Project (Open University), and included keynote speeches by Costas Douzinas, David Harvey, and Engin Isin.

Two video interviews, respectively with David Harvey and Rosi Braidotti, will also accompany the opening and the conclusion of the guest week, and will be made available on the CCIG website. The interviews help framing the wider context of crisis and austerity within which the event has been thought and organised, and are part of a broader video project, ‘Indebted Citizenship’, conducted by Andrea Mura on behalf of the Oecumene project and CCIG (further details to come).


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