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Re-inventing Public Administration: the New Synthesis Project

Re-inventing Public Administration: the New Synthesis Project

Janet Newman's long standing engagement with policy and public service recently led to her joining The New Synthesis project. Initiated by the former head of the civil service in Canada this draws together policymakers, practitioners and some academics across Canada, Brazil, Singapore, the Netherlands, Austrailia and the UK. The project aims to reinvent public policy and public administration in order to deliver better outcomes on some of the most crucial issues of the day. A focus on 'emergence' and 'resilience' can, we claim, help governments address so called 'wicked issues' – climate change, natural and human disasters, poverty, ill health, political disaffection and so on. Janet Newman met in The Hague in March 2010 and worked on cases from The Netherlands; subsequent events will be held in each country, and Janet Newman will be involved in the final meeting at the Institute for Government in London in November 2010.


Janet Newman