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Young People, Bereavement and Loss: Disruptive Transitions

Young People, Bereavement and Loss: Disruptive Transitions

Jane McCarthy's research focuses on families and relationships, and in recent years this has included relationships at the end of life. During the course of an extensive literature review on young people, bereavement and loss, funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation Jane McCarthy made links with the UK Children's Bereavement Network (CBN) who are based in the National Children's Bureau.

This resulted in:

  • a report published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation in collaboration with the National Children's Bureau NCB;
  • a training video which featured the CBN chief executive and myself discussing the research, which was used in a series of CBN regional training events;
  • the headline publicity for their national conference in 2006;
  • a specialist professional seminar organised by the CBN;
  • publication of a Highlight which was distributed to all professional members of the NCB;
  • a Whitehall policy seminar for policy makers jointly organised by the JRF and the CBN;
  • CBN also took up some of the issues to carry this research further in relation to Looked After Children

Further details of Jane McCarthy's research and its outcomes are available via the links below.


Jane McCarthy