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Research programmes: Archive

This page lists completed CCIG research programmes.

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We focus on understanding the registers and mediums through which publics are mobilised, summoned, and performed.
We reassess and reconceptualise the political constitution of the body and the self, as a means of tackling afresh the crucially linked questions of 'what it is to be human' and 'what it is to be a political being'.
Digital citizens explores the nature and consequences of digital change and what it might mean to be a digital citizen
Enactments interrogates the manner in which subjects, objects and spaces are constituted and challenged through practices, acts or performances.
We consider notions of families, personal relationships, and households, whilst also recognising their continuing significance at political, policy and personal levels.
This research programme focuses on the ways in which practices of migration and belonging shape and are shaped by wider social, political and cultural relations
The CCIG research programme on 'Mobilities' includes research and publications on the context, processes and impacts of human migrations, past and present.
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We see the social and the psychological as entangled processes that produce each other and are ultimately inseparable.
The idiom of security has been a key vehicle for connecting local and global developments as well as everyday relations with high political stakes.