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Methods in Motion

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A cross-cutting theme that develops an interdisciplinary focus on methods in motion.

Research methods are always in motion. People experiment with different modes of meaning and knowledge creation. Governmental institutions demand and develop new methods for gathering and interpreting data. Companies create similar demands for enhancing corporate information and knowledge and social movements for challenging ways of living. Yet, the critical issue for social scientists today is not to respond to the intensified demand for new methods but rather to reflect on what these methods set in motion. New methods never entail simply technical adjustments or a requirement for new expertise. When methods change, the key challenge is to understand the implications for knowledge creation and meanings as social accomplishments, and therefore the impact on citizenship identities, and modes of governance.

CCIG develops a cross-disciplinary research focus on methods in motion (MiM) driven by an ethos that is sensitive to how methods enact discriminations and violence as well as create possibilities for open and inclusive social change.

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Stream Leader

Professor Elizabeth Silva