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Projects in 2007

Community participation and social inclusion: The work of Community Mobilisers in Milton Keynes

Investigators: Deb Drake (Lecturer, OU Faculty of Social Sciences), Kate Smith (Curriculum Manager, OU Faculty of Social Sciences), Katy Simmons (OU Faculty of Education and Language Studies)

The Impact of EU Enlargement on Central European Party Systems and Electoral Alignments

The British Academy-funded project focuses on the process of EU enlargement and its impact on party systems and electoral alignments in the eight Central European countries involved in the process since 2004. EU enlargement and the membership of these countries is likely to have had a significant impact on the character and spectrum of parties present in these countries during the process of enlargement and the early phase of a European Union that numbered twenty-five in 2004 and reached twenty-seven in 2007.

ESRC Identities and Social Action Research Programme

The ESRC invested £4 million in 25 research projects based in universities around the UK. These projects will deepen our understanding of the processes involved in the making of selves, groups and communities.

The Pedagogical State

This ESRC-funded postdoctoral fellowship project investigated the cultural practices of governing through pedagogical means, and an evolving pedagogical relationship between state and citizen.

Semlin Judenlager in Serbian Public Memory

This British Academy funded research project explores the post-World War Two memorialisation of one of the main sites of the Holocaust in Nazi-occupied Serbia, the Semlin Judenlager. Established by Nazi Germany in December 1941 on the outskirts of Belgrade, Semlin (also known by its Serbian name Sajmište) was one of the first concentration camps in Europe, created specifically for the internment of Jews.

Identities in Process: Becoming Bangladeshi, African Caribbean and White Mothers

Does motherhood change a woman's identity? How does becoming a mother differ from how it did a generation ago? And how do such changes differ depending on a woman's ethnic background? While much research has been done on the transition to motherhood, little is known about how ethnicity and 'race' differentiate the process of becoming mothers. This qualitative psycho-social study is about the dynamic, personal experiencing of a particular identity for the first time: becoming a mother.

Looking Through the Lens of the Metropolitan Newspaper: The Changing Political Geographies of Journalism, Media and Cities

Using the metropolitan or city newspaper as lens, this project explores how the histories, technologies, and economic, political and institutional rationalities coalescing around news media connect to changing patterns of urban public life and citizenship.

The Good Citizen

Despite the fact that the general topic of citizenship is all around us, the notion of the good citizen is rarely explored. This is because the research focus has been on just one aspect of the increasing rates of movement around the world: the live debate about immigration. This has prompted plenty of work on the issues in citizenship that bear directly on the immigration question: citizenship rights and entitlements, and the qualifications for membership of the citizen body that trigger access to rights and entitlements.

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