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Projects in 2009

Spectacular Political Experiments

We are witnessing the emergence of a multitude of political experiments. Globally and across the domains of government, social movement, media, arts, academia and business these experiments offer ways of channelling disenchantment with political parties and institutional practices.  Some even hold out the possibility of short-term political transformation and renewal, taking on spectacular qualities.

These experiments: 

A Caring Europe? Care, Migration and Gender

The workshop is funded by the European Science Foundation Exploratory Workshop programme. It brings together researchers from Europe whose work addresses issues of care, migration and gender from varying disciplinary and thematic perspectives, in particular including early career researchers. While being an opportunity for exchange and further development of researchers’ ideas, we aim at laying the ground for further collaboration and a publication will result from the workshop.

The Impact of EU Enlargement on Central European Party Systems and Electoral Alignments

The British Academy-funded project focuses on the process of EU enlargement and its impact on party systems and electoral alignments in the eight Central European countries involved in the process since 2004. EU enlargement and the membership of these countries is likely to have had a significant impact on the character and spectrum of parties present in these countries during the process of enlargement and the early phase of a European Union that numbered twenty-five in 2004 and reached twenty-seven in 2007.

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