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Projects in 2010

Enacting European Citizenship (ENACT)

ENACT is a consortium bringing together researchers from three original member states of the European Union (UK, Belgium and the Netherlands), two new member states (Hungary and Latvia) and a candidate state (Turkey) to explore in depth how European citizenship is claimed, disputed, built – in short, enacted.

ESRC Director's Research Fellowship: Professor Margie Wetherell

The award will allow a final round of research development and publication. Professor Wetherell will be using the award to write a monograph on new identity theory emerging from the Identities and Social Action programme, focusing in particular on work on affect, the psychosocial and social subjectivities. In addition, she will be continuing to engage in knowledge transfer activities writing up and disseminating overall programme findings on identity, social exclusion and community cohesion.

Emergent Publics

This two-year Research Seminar Series, running from the start of 2008 to the end of 2009, challenges assumptions about the decline of the public sphere in the face of 'neo-liberal' challenges to public institutions, processes of individualization and transformations of collective solidarities. It reorients analysis towards understanding the development of new practices, sites and definitions of publicness.

The value of publicness has come to the fore because of a number of processes:

Spectacular Political Experiments

We are witnessing the emergence of a multitude of political experiments. Globally and across the domains of government, social movement, media, arts, academia and business these experiments offer ways of channelling disenchantment with political parties and institutional practices.  Some even hold out the possibility of short-term political transformation and renewal, taking on spectacular qualities.

These experiments: 

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