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Projects in 2012

Governing by Inspection

Governing by Inspection: School Inspection and Education Governance in Scotland, England and Sweden

Militarisation and everyday life

Military migrants

The process known as ‘militarisation’ is in urgent need of re-thinking.

As a result of developments such as the Military Covenant campaign, launched in 2007, successive governments have been forced to pay greater attention to the conditions under which service personnel work and the rewards that might be due for those performing military service. There has been a huge increase in media representations of soldiers in training or at work, but very little academic analysis of the effects of maintaining a fully-manned armed force at home.

Enduring Love?

Enduring Love? Wordle image

The Enduring Love? project is a mixed methods study on long-term adult couple relationships. The findings will add an important dimension to understandings of personal and family lives in contemporary society.

Increasing knowledge on how long-term relationships work and the emotional and practical relationship work that goes into sustaining them, will facilitate more effective points of intervention, informing the improvement of policy making, governance and support services, and relationship education.

Gender and Intra-Household Entitlements (GeNix): A Cross-National Longitudinal Analysis

Investigators: Susan Himmelweit (Professor, OU Faculty of Social Sciences), Jerome De Henau (Lecturer, OU Faculty of Social Sciences), Cristina Santos (Lecturer, OU Faculty of Social Sciences) and Zeenat Soobedar (Research Associate, OU Faculty of Social Sciences)

Community participation and social inclusion: The work of Community Mobilisers in Milton Keynes

Investigators: Deb Drake (Lecturer, OU Faculty of Social Sciences), Kate Smith (Curriculum Manager, OU Faculty of Social Sciences), Katy Simmons (OU Faculty of Education and Language Studies)

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