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International Collaboratory on Critical Methods in Security Studies

October 2009 - September 2011

Funded by ESRC International training and networking opportunities (RES-810-21-0072)

While critical research in security studies has led to a rich literature that has engaged with the proliferation of security problems, methodological research has lagged behind. This Network investigates the potential of critical methods for security studies. Critical Methods refer here to methods that are used in new ways in security studies, being both transformed by and transformative of the theoretical approaches and objects of research. This entails methods that challenge taken-for-granted distinctions between numbers and narratives, nature and culture, materiality and discourse.

The Network will also set up a virtual Collaboratory using the latest interactive web-based tools such as blogs, wikis, and virtual meetings. The Collaboratory is not just a laboratory on methods, but also a method of collaboration. The Network seeks to develop collective ways of working in response to the individualising tendencies of social science research. Collective research and writing does not only allow for sustained and detailed analysis of shared problems, but is also likely to have more impact upon policy makers as well as upon NGOs and think-tanks which are involved in the debates about the role, effects and usefulness of security measures.

Jef Huysmans (Open University), Claudia Aradau (Open University), Andrew Neal (University of Edinburgh), Nadine Voelkner (University of Sussex)

Visit the ICCM website or read the attached project description for more information.