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Participation now

A project that explores how new forms of public engagement are working to reshape contemporary life.
April 2013 - July 2014

Participation Now is a project in collaboration between OpenLearn, the Creating Publics  project (hosted by CCIG) and the RCUK-funded Catalyst project. The project is led by Nick Mahony (Research Fellow at CCIG) and Hilde Stephansen (Research Associate at the Open University, CCIG member).

Participation now is a platform regularly updated with searchable archive of contemporary public participation initiatives. Our aim is to build an infrastructure to help people make connections; share experiences, knowledge and research; and develop practice within this fast-changing field.

Our approach builds on lessons from action research and citizen science, and takes inspiration from the many experimental initiatives in the Participation Now archive. This work also emerges out of several years’ research at the Open University on publics, participation and engagement with research.

To see a full list of initiatives, visit Participation Now on OpenLearn

You can also follow the project on Twitter: @nowparticipate.


Related information

At a conference on the theme of ‘Participatory Cultural Citizenship’ in Aarhus, in November 2013, we had the pleasure of interviewing  keynote speakers Leah Lievrouw and  Chris Kelty (who are both based at UCLA). This pair of interviews has now been published on the Now page:

Leah Lievrouw addresses the question of ‘When is citizen participation transformative?’ 

Chris Kelty talks about how he distinguishes between ‘Volatile, stable and extractive participation’

In other news, the design of the search functionality of Participation Now was updated earlier today. We think this update significantly improves the experience of filtering and exploring the collection of 100+ initiatives… give it a try and let us know what you think.

Learn more about the research programme: Publics