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Rewriting the rules: expanding understandings of love, sex and relationships

Rewriting the rules: Book
How are dominant understandings of romantic relationships changing?
January 2013 - January 2016

Investigator: Meg-John Barker (Senior Lecturer, OU Faculty of Social Sciences)

This project examines dominant understandings of romantic relationships, and explores ways in which the 'rules' of such relationships are being rewritten in various ways.

For example, the sexual imperative is rewritten by both kink and asexual communities, the notion of 'The One' by committed single and polyamorous people, the importance of partner gender by bisexual and queer people, and the privileging of romantic love by various group and individuals who emphasise friendship, logical families, or other relational forms.

Bringing together this work, with experience in relationship therapy theory and practice, Meg-John has recently completed a book (Routledge 2012) and website entitled Rewriting the Rules.

There is scope for future projects exploring different understandings of 'successful' relationships and further examining the perceived role of sex in relationships. The latter will form part of a funding bid in collaboration with Darren Langdridge and others.

For more information visit the Rewriting the rules website.


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