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The idiom of security has been a key vehicle for connecting local and global developments as well as everyday relations with high political stakes.

This stitching work that security professionals and technology perform has evolved with an incredible intensity.

About the programme

Global networks of terrorists, nuclear proliferation, national asylum policy and everyday racism and xenophobia are woven into a patchwork of insecurities that operates to reinforce European integration, global military interventions, and local initiatives for community cohesion, to name only a few. Population growth, choice of transport, regional conflicts, climate change, economic growth are patched together in a discourse of global warming and other looming environmental catastrophes. The constitution of these social and political densities of insecurity and the dialectics of domination and resistance that run through them define the securities research programme. How does security, as govermental technique, integrate differentiated social and political relations into precarious systems where the everyday and the extra-ordinary, the local and the global are primarily mediated by means of security institutions and technologies? In what sites and by means of which strategies and technologies does security practice constitute forms of living together in conflict and to what effects? How can dispersed and often depoliticized securitising practices be politically enacted?

Currently the programme explores these issues in five research lines:

  1. Borders, mobility and citizenship
  2. Visuality
  3. Securing the future
  4. Critical methods, political interventions

The programme also runs a Working Group on Insecurity, Fear, Risk that explores various conceptions of insecurity and politics and different methodological and theoretical approaches. The working group has members from across the Centre and the University. Find out about the members research interests.

Programme Director

Dr Claudia Aradau