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The overall objective is to undertake action research to understand the readiness of forces for Policing Vision 2025, and to work with all 43 territorial police forces in England and Wales to enhance the quality of the police training, learning and development function for this vision. The project runs from November 2017 to end of September 2019.

The research design includes key findings that will be shared in the public domain as soon as is feasible, and these results will be provided directly to police forces and agencies, and will be available to all Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), and other stakeholders, (subject to anonymity about where the data was collected, as required by research ethics).

The project has a Deliverables Schedule within the Contract to demonstrate expected delivery dates for all reports and other outputs.


Learning more about CPRL’s Visiting Professor

Professor Rolf Rønning is a Visiting Professor at the OU’s Centre for Policing Research and Learning.

8th September 2020
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