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Annual conference OU Centre for Policing

The Centre for Policing Research and Learning recently held its annual conference which was open to all police forces/agencies, with preferential booking for Centre policing partners.  Contributions came from both academics and police practitioners, drawing on but not limited to OU research in collaboration with Centre partner police agencies.  The aim was to explore new research findings, discuss their relevance to policy and practice and share good ideas across policing.  Thereby strengthening collaboration between police and academics through critical challenge and exploration of research ideas and evidence.

The theme this year was Learning from success, near miss and failure.  Mistakes, errors and failures - whatever language is used, are often treated as problematic in policing, with expectations that blame, investigation and sanction may closely follow.  But does that have to be the default position?  A number of forces and some regulatory bodies are recognising that failure can come from several sources and have different value, so that individual fault and blame is not the only response.  Furthermore, academic research shows that failures can be intelligent and even necessary in particular contexts, with a spectrum of failure from “blameworthy” to “praiseworthy”. 

The conference had an excellent line-up of interesting speakers, and presentation and related information will be made available to participants shortly.

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