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Continuing Professional Development Fortnight

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CPD 2nd week ​ Nov 18 - 22 2019

During this week, we invite you to watch some short video clips from the following contributors to The Centre for Police Research and Learning Annual Conference and reflect on the questions set out below which accompany the video clips.

Dr Ian Hesketh; Professor Jason Leitch CBE; Professor Jason Roach; Dr Paul Walley; Dr Steven Chase OBE

Dr Ian Hesketh on Reflections on themes of Failure, Near Misses and Success

Ian spoke about the learning that can be drawn from other environments (i.e. outside of policing whether that be other public sector organisations or private businesses).

Take a moment to reflect on your recent interactions with other organisations (this could be a call to a call centre, a visit to the NHS or an experience in a shop for example) Is there any “peer learning” you can draw from that experience that might apply in your own role?

​Professor Jason Leitch CBE on Creating Learning Systems from Bright Spots

Jason Leitch spoke about the ‘What matters to you?’ initiative. List five things that matter to you.

Now try and do this task for two of your co-workers. Do you know what matters to them? If you do, how do you think these ‘intrinsic motivators’ could be harnessed for you and your co-workers to tweak the ways in which you work to make them more effective?

Professor Jason Roach on Encouraging Sharing Good Ideas

Jason gives an example of an initiative a police officer has mentioned to him that it might be good to share and test, in order to obtain evidence about its effectiveness.

Can you think of one or two examples, like Jason’s, of theories you hold about elements of policing that Jason might see as something “testable”? Can you share these ideas? Do you see them as being potential research projects for example?

Dr Paul Walley on The Impact of Reducing Failure Demand

Reflecting on your own work are you able to identify any failure demand? (i.e. demand that is caused by problems in the system you are operating within).

Do you or your colleagues have any suggestions as to how changes in the system might reduce failure demand?

Dr Steven Chase OBE on A Thirst for Learning

Steven talks about the importance of a thirst for learning, but also mentions that learning can come from quite informal settings.

Reflecting personally, what would you say you have a thirst to know more about?

Once you have identified a topic, have a quick search through FutureLearn, or OpenLearn – are there free courses you can take to develop your knowledge in your area of interest?

Thank you for your involvement - you can find more clips on these themes on our Annual Conference pages.

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